Professor Ph.D. Andrzej Szadkowski

Professor Ph.D. Andrzej Szadkowski, Strzemiński Academy of Arts Łódź, Poland

Ewa Buksa -  a master of enamel art combining exceptional talent with a healthy dose of humility. Such a diverse mix of artistic qualities is a rare occurrence, only found in people like Adam Makowicz – a great pianist – whose music has enchanted me recently. Ewa my student is without a doubt in the same league.

Our teacher – student collaboration was anything but typical. She was diligently paying attention to my tutoring, perfectly mirroring my comments in her work. I was generously sharing my professional knowledge with her but at the same time fully realizing that at this stage of our friendship she had already become a professional artist in her own right. Periodical evaluation of her work was an intellectual pleasure for me rather than a routine task to be dealt with, which does not often happen in my educational career. 

Enamel artistry like a good musical composition requires tonnes of dedication, diligence, creativity to be genuine and be able to provide an insight into the artist’s inner persona. 

It is no wonder that her harmonious life brimming with creativity spills into her work and must be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience for her. Throughout her artistic journey she seems to be very rational in her approach. 

The fundamentals of her art encompasses a whole range of features among which her thorough knowledge and skills of the trade, overall goal coupled with ever present spiritual dimension brought about exceptionally high standard of her work on the international arena.

Her body of work has received the highest accolades at the international art contests and together with a long list of awards to her name guarantee that her place in the history of enamel seems assured. 

Her accomplishments in Poland remain unrivaled.